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5 February at 20:00 (GMT +3)

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Server start - 5 February at 20:00 (GMT +3)

Promotion - "$ 1700 for the Best Clans" - read

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New RB and EB system - read

What is GvE?

Внимание! С 12.02 после 05:00 вторая стадия + бонус старт. Всем новым персонажам будут доступны бижутерия, оружие, броня ранга Б +5 (напоминаем, максимальный ранг на сервере - А) и набор премиум услуг на 2 дня бесплатно (предметы нельзя точить, передавать). Так же будет добавлена новая локация с ограниченным входом, только в бонус шмотках. Каждый новичек сможет играть на уровне с игроками зашедшими на старт.

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GvE — is a war between two factions: Light and Dark.

You don't need to kill monsters to level up your character. You can get any equipment and level up by fighting for your faction, capturing territories and killing other people.

Use faction portals to summon your allies!

Participate in unique events, sieges, Grand Olympiad and many more!

Join the clan or create your own - together you can capture territories and castles. Conquer group, raid and epic bosses. They have unique skills and new animations. You should come up with some kind of plan and tactits to fight them effectively.

A lot of eastern eggs and secrets related to GvE world - try to find them during your free time

Get the best experience and pleasure from playing on our server in popular mode Good vs Evil! Good vs Evil!

Download client, register account and play (try out the enchant rate, rune compound chance, etc) you can right now, click the link:Сlassic-gve.ru/start/

We recommend you to follow us on our social media and register on forum:

Vk: vk.com/classicgve

Discord https://discord.gg/Hh9ApFP

Telegram: t.me/classicgve

Forum: forum.classic-gve.ru

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Participate in mass PvP battles! Conquer and protect territories in Classic-GVE world!


Perfect balance of all classes, improved Grand Olympiad system.


Thoughtful concept of the servers and its economy!


Constant working support, upgrades, new events and etc.
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